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VIEane comes from the end of my first name "Sylviane" with an added "e" to create the word "vie", which means life in french. To me LIFE is an everyday celebration! Being creative is an essential part of it. As far as I can remember, I have always been crafting and making things. Over ten years ago a friend of mine showed me how to make a felted flower... I have been hooked on felting ever since. 

Sylviane Collier

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The french speaking part of Switzerland is where I grew up until the day I decided to go see the world and learn english. An adventure that brought me to Southern California, where I feel at home. My journey began in an english school in Vancouver. Then I traveled, on my own, down the west coast of the USA and back to Canada through the east coast, ending up in Quebec. New Zealand was my next destination. I landed there with my backpack and an eight months visa. From there I flew to Fiji in the hope of finding a ride back to New Zealand via sailboat. I did find a ride, just not to New Zealand and I also found a husband. I sailed all around the Pacific Ocean with him. We got married on an uninhabited atoll, had a son in Guam, and came back to California to live a more "normal" life. Since then my daughter was born. I home-schooled both my children and had many more land adventures... and it's just the beginning.