*New felting class this summer*

Sylviane Collier

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July 22, 2018  10:30am - 3pm 

20 min. break in the middle

refreshments available for purchase at the cafe next door

$110/student         ALL MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED

Join me at "l'atelier" in San Diego for a class where you will learn how to create your own flower ring & a felted soap.

Spaces are limited.

Please contact ME to register. 

For the first part of the class you will work on creating a flower ring with a wet felting technique. You will use warm water and soap to "sculpt"your own flower using fine merino wool. You can then use your flower to wear on your finger, use as a scarf holder or as a t-shirt tie!

After a 20 min. break, using the same felting technique, you will be wrapping and decorating a soap with merino wool. A felted soap is the union of a soap and a wash cloth! If you haven't used a felted soap before... you are in for a treat.

The soaps are made locally, in small batches, using natural ingredients and scented with essential oils. You will be able to choose from: STAR ANISE, LAVENDER-ROSE, SPICES & TEA TREE

The class is held at Valentine Viannay's art studio, l'Atelier. A cozy and enchanting place in Mission Hills. Just being there in itself is a treat!

If you are interested in joining us, please contact me to register. Your space will be reserved when payment is received.

I am looking forward to sharing my passion with you!